To be or not to be, that is the question

Against all odds we did it

Let me just tell you a small story. The story of pride, dignity and solidarity.

Until now you might of heard about 15000 residents fighting for not only their rights but the right of all the Algerians in a better health care system, and if you might be curious enough you would of known that it’s pretty simple to deal with their demands.

For more than 5 months we have done it all to get our voice heard Unfortunately, it became clear to us that it’s not that easy. But our goal is bigger than any obstacles, our determination is strong and our motivation never cesses to increase.

With time passing without getting any salaries for 4 months, which quiet inhuman, we found that all the doors got closed shut in our faces, furthermore when you see your bloody brothers beaten for their ideas, anger, increases, so we got more determined than ever to reach our aim, decided to get to our target and resolved to get our objective.

All of this wasn’t going to go to waste we got to see our solidarity growing and we claimed our dignity back. We got to feel human once again, despite all the attempts to get us back to point zero, to the point where our voice was never heard, and our ideas were imprisoned in our own minds. In fact, it was rather hard to change this situation, but we finally did it and there is no going back to the way it was before.
Now we gained our dignity and we may lose many things in life, but if we lose our dignity and honour then we are lost.

This decision of stopping the night shifts was not taken easily, but as it’s said drastic times call for drastic measures, we had to stop the night watch not because inhuman and not because we wanted to rest, but because this story needs closure and we are not getting there by sitting around hands crossed waiting for the door to open up, we had to open it eventually

Yes, we did it to keep our pride and dignity, we did it because when it comes to human dignity we can’t compromise. And we couldn’t compromise anymore, we couldn’t keep lying to ourselves or to the patients to cover up a situation that is clear to everybody.

Residents being just students, as it was made clear to us many times, are supposedly not essential to maintain the performance of the hospitals, and according to the statements, there are enough people to cover our absence. So. Is the problem solved ?
Well no, not quiet, on the first day many residents were requisitioned to work by lack of staff, well turns out that we are important after all, so we can’t know the importance of something until it’s missed.

We just want our voices heard nothing more, nothing less and when they hear us they will see that the solution is between their own hands and simply applicable.
We can’t wait to get back to work, but it won’t be the case until we get concrete solutions and positive outcome.

The story will ultimately end and we will look back to see that we have done all what we could and more ,to see proud sisters and brothers fighting for their beliefs.

You are the best, and I am honoured to stand tall as one of you;
Stand proud;
Stand with dignity;
Stand in solidarity.

— M. S.